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Student's Textbook Series:
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4 Definition or formal development
3 Term present
2 Synonym used
1 Enrichment
- Term not present
*- Material unavailable
Term usage code:
4 The term is present and is being developed or defined.
3 The term is present but not being developed or defined.
(The term is assumed to be understood; or the term is given with many examples, but no definition or formal development occurs within the lesson.)
2 The term is not present but a synonym is being used.
1 The term is present but not part of the lesson proper; it is part of an enrichment activity.
- The term is not present.
*- Textbook unavailable for reviewing. If you know of a source please contact us. Thanks.

Reporting criteria:
1. Reports on only student's textbooks.
2. Reports on only the lesson proper, except for enrichment lessons in a book.
3. The written word is what is reviewed.
4. Information on synonyms of the 1,000 terms are included.

Note: selects student textbooks and textbook series because they meet the following criteria: 1) a written statement of the concept being taught is given (language skills are important even at a very early age); 2) examples and illustrations are given; and 3) sufficient number of classroom and homework study activities are provided.

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